Ride Bikes Radio 21: Wear Your F*cking Helmet


Big show this week gang! Brian updates us on his racing and lets us know how to get started racing. I attended a huge beer event and have realized it’s time to upgrade one of my bikes, plus a few stories.

Thanks again to Richard W for this weeks album art! Remember, that can be your bike featured here, just ‘@’ reply us on Twitter or Instagram, or Upload it to our facebook page!

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Ride Bikes Radio 20: No Longer Teenagers

FINALLY into the real podcast episode numbers and we have a big show for you this week! We get an update on my diabetes, Brian is going to start racing again (!) and some crazy bikes!

Plus a few more listener shout-outs. If you have left a review for us on iTunes recently, THANK YOU! And to those of you that aren’t able to, no worries. It is the thought that counts. We really appreciate it!

This week’s show art brought to you by our man Steve in Chicago, to continue the winter theme. Don’t forget, if you want your ride featured, ‘@’ reply us on Twitter or Instagram (@ridebikesradio at both) or upload it to our Facebook page. It’s not a competition, anyone that sends over an image will get featured at some point!

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Ride Bikes Radio 19: The Nineteens

Listener shout-outs, schedule updates and other things about bicycles like we like to do! Add in some Strava shaming (we are just as guilty!) and a few other updates before talking about some stories.

Part 2 for the new cyclists among us, we remind you that you always need a helmet when you ride and investing in some kind of padded shorts are all you really need to get started. If you have a preferred style of kit, sound off in the comments to help the newbies out!

This week’s show image brought to you by RBR Listener Danyell! If you want to be featured, it’s super simple, just ‘@’ reply us on Twitter or Instagram (we are @ridebikesradio on both) or upload it to the Facebook page. It’s not a competition, everyone that sends us a photo has a chance of having it featured!



Ride Bikes Radio 18: Look Better Naked

Ride Bikes Radio 18: Look Better Naked

Hello 2017! Brian and I are back with some news, some shout-outs and some tips for the resolutioners that are maybe thinking about picking up cycling as their new get fit routine. Let’s get to the links!

If you are looking to get into riding bikes for exercise, Brian and I have a couple of suggestions to get you started.

Both of these have 8 speeds, a comfortable, upright, riding position and the flexibility to go from exercise to running errands or commuting. If you are looking for a starter bike, we think these are great! Next time, we will be discussing basic equipment and clothing needs (aka kit), so stay tuned!

This week’s show image courtesy of Brian, showing off his Surly Big Dummy! You can be featured here as well, just @ reply to Ride Bikes Radio on Twitter or Instagram, or upload an image to our Facebook page, and there is a really good chance you will be featured!


Ride Bikes Radio 17: The Brown Santa

Last show for 2016 here gang and we do go long making sure that it counts! A few pretty cool news stories, Brian laments about riding the trainer and we spend some quality time talking about recent beers.

Thanks for hanging out with us so far gang! It’s been great fun and we appreciate everyone of you that has stopped by to comment, review us at iTunes, tagged us in photo, EVERYTHING.

We will be back in 2017 and hope everyone has an amazing holiday. As Brian says, don’t forget to keep it rubber side down!

Ride Bikes Radio 16: I Don’t Care What the Intro Says

Ride Bikes Radio 16: I don’t care what the intro says

Contrary to what the intro says, this is episode 16. It’s been so long since we last did a show, we forgot the show number!

We have a good mix of news, personal stuff and some holiday gift ideas. Note the affliates, we do go a little long this week.

Plus, an update from our most recent doctor visits. Let’s just say that both Brian and I are throwing down some kick ass numbers that show what a difference a few changes make.

Oh yea, for the first time in a few shows, we actually have some beer to talk about!

Thanks to Richard for tagging us on Instagram. That got him featured (again) as this weeks show image. We would love to feature you too and it’s super simple. Just upload an image of your ride to our Facebook page or do an @ reply to us on Instagram or Twitter and you could be next! Remember gang, it’s not a competition, just looking for cool bikes to feature!

Ride Bikes Radio #15: I Don’t Like To Stop

You guys should have gotten this one already, I just forgot to post it to the site.

Ride Bikes Radio #15: I Don’t Like to Stop

Shout outs and Facebook get us started, plus Brian embarrasses me about my standing last week in the Strava Club. Just out riding bikes, like we do.

Stories this week:

Plus Brian got to spend some time with his pals at Specialized in Northern California and I helped with someone’s first 10 mile bike ride!

Thanks to James for this week’s image! You can have a photo of bicycle featured as our show art as well and it’s super simple to do! Just upload it to our Facebook page or give us an ‘@’ reply on Twitter or Instagram to get a shot. Remember gang, it’s not a competition, just looking for cool images to share with everyone!


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Ride Bikes Radio #14: The Listener Show

The Listener Show

You guys are pretty awesome! How awesome? Listen in to find out. Cool Strava stuff, rad shares and amazing feedback that you guys are sending in. It’s very awesome! Speaking of listener stuff, this week’s show image brought to you by Mark Lee with his old school El Camino (i.e. cargo bike). Like a mix between a radio flyer and a tricycle. So rad!

Plus an update on the Strava Club. Click over to the site and check out the widget with an update if you aren’t in the club, or click here.

Thanks for listening gang! A quick note that Brian is out of town again, so we will not be recording a show this week. He will be returning with some great stuff that I know you guys are going to love!


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Ride Bikes Radio #13: We Forgot the Bieber Hair

Finally back after the HQ relocation to record a new Ride Bikes Radio episode for you guys! You can tell we have been missing in action for a while since we do go a bit longer than normal and cover a bit more news than normal, but it’s all great stuff!

Thanks to Richard for this week’s image! Remember gang, we want to see your rides too and it’s easy to show those off. Just tag us on Instagram or Twitter or upload it to our Facebook page. If you have done that already, watch for us to get back on track next week! Oh, and the Bieber hair? Check out the Facebook page!

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Ride Bikes Radio #12: I Ride because I Ride

Lots of links for you guys this week. Let’s just right into those!

We also talk pre, post and during ride nutrition. Would be interesting to see what you guys do!

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