Ride Bikes Radio #01: Apps and Beer

Starting out with our first episode learning that Brian used to own a bike shop, our favorite apps to track our riding and, of course, beer. As we mentioned, you can listen to MotorTrend Audio #81 to hear them talk about electric bikes and other electric vehicles. Not familiar with the Electra Townie? Check it out!

Finally, links to our favorite bike mounts and other things can be found on the links page and check out the side bar to follow Brian and I on Untappd and all of your favorite social media spots!

We are now in the iTunes Store! You can subscribe here. Google Play Store should be ready soon is ready now!.

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Ride Bikes Radio 00: Welcome to Ride Bikes Radio


A short introduction to meet your hosts of Ride Bikes Radio, Don Burnside and Brian Dallas. Episode 1 should be dropping next week. Stay Tuned!

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Welcome to Ride Bikes Radio!

Ride Bikes Radio with db & Brian Dallas is a show about bicycles for everyone else. Bicycles for commuting, for exercise, for fun!. Perfect compliment to bicycles is beer, and we will be discussing that as well.

We already have the first episode recorded! We are putting the finishing touches on everything and hope to have it released to you guys by the middle of next week, just as soon as it shows up in iTunes!

The site will be a work in progress for the next week or so. If you are looking for links to things that aren’t here yet, don’t fret, they will be showing very, very soon. Thank you for your patience.