Ride Bikes Radio 16: I don’t care what the intro says

Contrary to what the intro says, this is episode 16. It’s been so long since we last did a show, we forgot the show number!

We have a good mix of news, personal stuff and some holiday gift ideas. Note the affliates, we do go a little long this week.

Plus, an update from our most recent doctor visits. Let’s just say that both Brian and I are throwing down some kick ass numbers that show what a difference a few changes make.

Oh yea, for the first time in a few shows, we actually have some beer to talk about!

Thanks to Richard for tagging us on Instagram. That got him featured (again) as this weeks show image. We would love to feature you too and it’s super simple. Just upload an image of your ride to our Facebook page or do an @ reply to us on Instagram or Twitter and you could be next! Remember gang, it’s not a competition, just looking for cool bikes to feature!

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  1. Hey guys,
    Thanks again, for using my pic!

    If I travel, I try to work it out to choose locations that are within driving distance – allowing me to bring my bike along. Extra walking is my alternative when I have to fly.

    I have a cheap folding bike, which is awkward and doesn’t even fit my MINI boot very well. I hear the Brompton ($$$) folds down nicely and some even fit in overhead compartments.

    In my area the underground traffic light actuators are turned off in many of the right lanes – mostly because of the right on red folks. I’ve found myself jumping over to the center lane to trip that sensor faster.

    1. Thanks Richard!

      My travel necessitated that I fly. I really like the bromptons, but as you said, they are pretty spendy. But so choice! Heck, I bet I could get the MINI folding bike in an overhead bin. If I only had that bike.

      Since reading yours and George’s comments, I’ve tried sitting on the sensors. No go. I don’t think I have enough weight to set them off. So either I wait for the road to clear and run the red or get off the street to push the button. Both are less than ideal.

  2. I just recently discovered a stretch of street that DOES NOT sense a bike on the red light actuators. I sat at EVERY LIGHT through a couple of cycles – until getting off and hitting the ‘walk’ button. IRRITATING.

    I will be avoiding that route and a few others that are on my shit list.

    1. My shit list includes roads that haven’t been paved in more than 10 years. Sadly, I can avoid the signals that aren’t bike friendly. I wish that I could.

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