Ride Bikes Radio is a show about bicycles for everyone else. Bicycles for commuting, for exercise, for fun!. Perfect compliment to bicycles is beer, and we will be discussing that as well. Hosted by Don Burnside (‘db’) from White Roof Radio and Brian Dallas.

About db

meI’ve been riding bikes since I was five, starting with a Schwinn Stingray, moving through a series of BMX bikes and beach cruisers. 20 years passed until I was excited about bikes again, when I realized it was a great form of exercise that did not hurt my knees. 100lbs later, here I am, back to being a crazy bicycle enthusiast again! You can follow my adventures on Instagram and Twitter.

About Brian

BrianIn my many years of pedaling down the road, I have come to learn that the world of bicycles is a virus that has no cure. There will never be a vaccine created that can rid one of this two-wheel plague. My life has been engulfed with bicycles for more than four decades. From racing BMX as a kid, to owning my own bike shop, to making a career of being part of a very elite brotherhood of professional racing mechanics. My adventures have carried me to almost every state in the Union and countries in Europe. I have worked 5 World Championships and countless US National Championship. But enough about me. Those days are in the past but the experiences will live forever.

Ride Bikes Radio will be an amazing endeavor and I look forward to sharing the world of Cycling with all of you. When you have lived this lifestyle for most of your life, you tend to get a little passionate about it. I hope that I can infect some of you all with this bicycling virus. See you all on the road.

Other stuff

Theme Music is RetroFuture Clean by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com
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All photos by db or Brian unless otherwise noted.