Let’s Try This Again

How about we take a few minutes to talk about bikes? First up, we have Strava breaking with with ReLive, or ReLive breaking up with Strava? Read these and let us know what you think:

Besides that, I am suffering from N+1 so bad right now it is not even funny. Go ahead and check out the latest bike that I covet and will probably have in my stable before the end of the year. I know it’s not from an LBS, but it fits in my budget and in what I am trying to do with it. What else do you recommend that does not cost $1K or more? Comments are open! Go nuts!

Finally, a pass thru the Strava Club and a little beer talk. Play along with the home game via the Untappd app.

Your patience is appreciated. I know you guys like this show. Hell, I like this show. Life gets in the way sometimes and everyone just runs out of time. That said, like I said, I really like this show and will be trying my damnedest to keep up making 2 new shows a month. Who’s with me?!?!

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  1. Richard Wezensky

    Do the single speed. You won’t regret it. Be ready to mod it though. Off the bat, you’ll need to change the gearing because it’s set up for off-road. If you plan to take it on the road, regularly, you’ll want to get some of your speed back.

    Here’s my mod adventure with my Redline Monocog. I ended up changing the rear cog and the front chainring. https://suburbanassault.org/2011/04/22/street-ready-redline-monocog-29er/

    I guess I need to update this since I changed my bars to some Jones H-Bars.

    • donburnside

      I really like the Redline and if I have a little more room in my budget, I would seriously have a look at that. I was thinking I would attempt to replicate the gearing, or get close, that I had on my last single speed. Or, I will leave this alone and do bunny hops and curb jumps all around the neighborhood. Or, hell, take it to the local BMX track on practice day.

      Thanks for stopping by! Always appreciate your comments Richard!

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