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    How to protect your man parts, a very cool app for the Garmin, and the most ridiculous bike light you have ever seen and beer. Lots of beer! Download | […]

  • Ride Bikes Radio #06: Christmas in July

    We have a really fun show for you this week. We talk about cards in spokes, I let Brian talk about the Tour for 1 minute and we talk about […]

  • Riding Against the Dots

    A long time ago in a episode long since recorded, I had mentioned this pretty cool feature that has recently been added to the Strava mobile app, Segments. As the […]

  • Ride Bikes Radio #5: The Dorky Helmet

    Ride Bikes Radio #05: The Dorky Helmet Brian starts off by complaining about the heat in Washington and talking about the new paint job on his road bike. Then I […]

  • Will a Walmart Huffy Survive a Trail

    This is a fun video to watch. What happens when you take a $179 Huffy mountain bike from Walmart down a double diamond trail. It actually does better than you […]