Ride Bikes Radio #8: Beer Guy Suds McGee

We are back. I’ve holiday’d, Brian has holiday’d and we are excited to get back to making shows about bicycles for you guys! This week have some really cool news stuff for you that we think you might like.

All of this plus a little bit of information about Spotify and my latest trip to the bike shop! Plus Brian lays down the knowledge about the quick release on your bike and the easy way to remove the front wheel without letting air out of the tires. If you have a question that you would like us to answer, send those over feedback at ridebikesradio.com!

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H/T to our man Jason for this weeks show image. Hand made custom bike by Fast Boy Cycles. Drool worthy to be sure. Thanks for sharing Jason! We could feature your ride too, just tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and watch this space!

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Ride Bikes Radio #06: Christmas in July

We have a really fun show for you this week. We talk about cards in spokes, I let Brian talk about the Tour for 1 minute and we talk about the El Camino of Bikes; the Kona Ute. Also, check out this week’s show art. One of my friends in Phoenix is making this for my door! Besides that, we take a trip down memory lane in the shape of last week’s Facebook posts:

And from the Dept. of Ridiculous, there is the shotgun bike alarm. Clever idea to be sure, but there is no way we’d be strapping one of these to any of our bikes. Would you?

We have Aussies in the house! #2 country for downloads is Australia. Come on back and let us know who you are! Or, you know, show off your ride by pinging us on Instagram or Twitter. You can also upload that to our Facebook page!

And, of course, we end by talking about beer. Brian had an epic beer week. Click back over to Ride Bikes Radio to find links to follow both Brian and I on untappd!

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Check out this episode!

Riding Against the Dots

A long time ago in a episode long since recorded, I had mentioned this pretty cool feature that has recently been added to the Strava mobile app, Segments. As the days progress and the App stores fill with applications that will track everything from calories, steps taken and to how many times you used your middle finger to flip off that “d” bag driver who cut you off. Well not really on the last one, but what a wonderful idea for a new app.

No the folks at Strava, one of the largest social fitness software companies these days, have created applications for running and cycling. Their web based application has one of the largest audiences for consumer and professional athletes in the world. I am not raising the big S flag in this post but just showing off one of their cool new features I have just started seeing on my commutes to work.
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Ride Bikes Radio #5: The Dorky Helmet

Ride Bikes Radio #05: The Dorky Helmet Brian starts off by complaining about the heat in Washington and talking about the new paint job on his road bike.

Then I promise photos of the Schwinn Collegiate that is my current project bike. A few news items caught out eye this week. There is this helmet with lights and sensors, Audi’s electrick mountain bike and a couple of our favorite breweries supporting CancerBlows. And, we are putting our support behind Carmen Smalls, who is battling to get on the Olympic cycling team.

Add in listener shout-outs, including a ruling if lights and a helmet are needed when riding a training, plus our beers of the week, and we have ourselves a show!

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This week’s show image from @jayweidenbach. Tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for a chance to have us feature you ride!

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Ride Bikes Radio #04: Thank You Angola!

In this weeks episode, Brian reminds you why it’s important to keep your bike clean and schools us on some bicycling terms. Honestly, we could make an entire show on that, there is some really funny stuff there! And, if you are wondering how your state stacks up against the others for bicycling road laws, check it out!. Nice to see so many states with laws on the books. Disappointed in the states that do not (:cough cough:Texas:cough cough:).

Shout-outs to our newest listeners in France, Germany, the UK and Angola! Thanks for checking us out guys and gals! Also a shout to the The Sprocket Podcast, who gave us a nice mention during their latest episode. If you aren’t already listening, you should check them out! Thanks for Richard in TX for telling them about us!

This week’s show art brought to you by Mr. Fred C who shared his lovely ride with us on Facebook. Share yours and it could be featured here! Just post on Facebook or tag us on Instagram or Twitter!

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Ride Bikes Radio #3: The n00b Show

This week, we follow up on tradegy in Kalamazoo, if you have a few minutes, it’s a great story, really worth the read.

As the title says, this is the n00b show. Sure, we know you guys already know this stuff, but on the off chance you don’t, we offer up tips on getting started with longer rides and how to avoid the dreaded ‘bonking’. Plus, Brian gives us tips on a pre-flight check list for your bike and the kinds of things that you should carry with you in your seat bag. I don’t have one at this time, but that’s on my short list of things to get done. I’ll share my experience here.

Thanks again for all of the feedback and sharing your rides with us! Keep it up!

This weeks featured image is from listener @jenkman61. He tagged us on Instagram. Show us your ride and we might feature it for a future show!

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Ride Bikes Radio #02: Always Wear a Helmet

Shout-outs to the latest fans of the show. Thanks for listening everyone! We are having a great time with this and hope you are enjoying it so far. Don’t forget you can follow us at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We also want to see photos of your bikes and beer! Tag us anywhere and we’ll be including that in a new Album on Facebook called Listener Rides.

Then on to bike safety, especially after the accident last week. Nobody likes to see stuff like this happening. You want to make sure you are following the rules of road and we have a few suggestions for lights and and a new radar system that Garmin has released.

When you are out riding, and you see another rider, wave, dammit. And don’t forget, you can find links to our Untappd accounts at ridebikesradio.com.

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Ride Bikes Radio #01: Apps and Beer

Starting out with our first episode learning that Brian used to own a bike shop, our favorite apps to track our riding and, of course, beer. As we mentioned, you can listen to MotorTrend Audio #81 to hear them talk about electric bikes and other electric vehicles. Not familiar with the Electra Townie? Check it out!

Finally, links to our favorite bike mounts and other things can be found on the links page and check out the side bar to follow Brian and I on Untappd and all of your favorite social media spots!

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