Ride Bikes Radio #01: Apps and Beer

Starting out with our first episode learning that Brian used to own a bike shop, our favorite apps to track our riding and, of course, beer. As we mentioned, you can listen to MotorTrend Audio #81 to hear them talk about electric bikes and other electric vehicles. Not familiar with the Electra Townie? Check it out!

Finally, links to our favorite bike mounts and other things can be found on the links page and check out the side bar to follow Brian and I on Untappd and all of your favorite social media spots!

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4 Replies to “Ride Bikes Radio #01: Apps and Beer”

  1. James Day

    Enjoyed Episode #01. I also started riding BMX bikes as a kid, with a chrome Mongoose Supergoose with mag wheels. My current bicycle is a Specialized Hardrock Sport mountain bike.

    I’m exactly your target audience. My riding consists of mostly urban mountain bike riding for pleasure and exercise. I don’t commute to work by bicycle, although I could. I use Map My Ride. I also like craft beer, it’s a good recovery food after a hard ride. Currently drinking lots of shandy by Leinenkugel, Narragansett, and Samuel Adams. Cheers!

    • donburnside

      Wow! That’s awesome James. Thanks for the kind words and checking us out!

      The chrome Mongoose was it. I lusted after that bike since mine was painted (blue). That specialized is a great bike too. Keep on riding!

  2. Richard Wezensky

    Great first show!

    I’m a fan of Endomondo. I started using it thought the National Bike Challenge. I does do the mile updates, giving me my overall time, as well as the time for the last mile. It’s not perfect, but I’m committed to it until I figure out how to export my stats.

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