Ride Bikes Radio #02: Always Wear a Helmet

Shout-outs to the latest fans of the show. Thanks for listening everyone! We are having a great time with this and hope you are enjoying it so far. Don’t forget you can follow us at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We also want to see photos of your bikes and beer! Tag us anywhere and we’ll be including that in a new Album on Facebook called Listener Rides.

Then on to bike safety, especially after the accident last week. Nobody likes to see stuff like this happening. You want to make sure you are following the rules of road and we have a few suggestions for lights and and a new radar system that Garmin has released.

When you are out riding, and you see another rider, wave, dammit. And don’t forget, you can find links to our Untappd accounts at ridebikesradio.com.

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9 Replies to “Ride Bikes Radio #02: Always Wear a Helmet”

  1. Richard Wezensky

    Hey guys. Thanks for the shout out to Richardson!

    Haha. I’m a mirror wearer. Not so much to see the cars behind me, but rather to relax about the cars that aren’t.

    Some of us are too old and not as flexible to do a good scan, behind me. Haha.

  2. Richard Wezensky

    I’m a big fan of RoadID. They also have an app, which is ok.

    What I like is, once activated, it notifies your friends and loved ones of your ride. It also gives them a link to follow your ride on an online map. The great thing is if you fall, it sends out a notification to your people so that they can find you (or call for help). I use it as a secondary ride app.

  3. Howard Maher

    What accident last week? If you’re talking about Michigan, I believe that is being investigated as a murder, not an accident…

  4. Howard Maher

    Yep, the Michigan rollover and killing of 5 bicyclists, and serious injuring of another 4, was an horrendous act… I always ride with a mirror, but even that might not have helped in this situation. Nonetheless, when I see in my rearview mirror that a driver isn’t getting left of me, I turn and scream at the driver… this has always worked with drivers who were asleep at the wheel, including a bus driver, but with the crazy guy in Michigan, I would have dove off my bike and off the road, but who knows if he would have still hit me. Intentional murder by vehicle, intentionally running over cyclists, may be as hard to escape as dodging bullets.

  5. James Day

    I never wear a helmet, I like to live dangerously. Don’t be like me, kids.

    I just had that New Belgium Heavy Melon in a flight last week and actually liked it. My post-ride recovery beer lately has been a shandy from Leinenkugel and Narragansett.

    Thanks for the phone holder suggestion in Episode #1, I’ve been looking to buy one.

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