Ride Bikes Radio #04: Thank You Angola!

In this weeks episode, Brian reminds you why it’s important to keep your bike clean and schools us on some bicycling terms. Honestly, we could make an entire show on that, there is some really funny stuff there! And, if you are wondering how your state stacks up against the others for bicycling road laws, check it out!. Nice to see so many states with laws on the books. Disappointed in the states that do not (:cough cough:Texas:cough cough:).

Shout-outs to our newest listeners in France, Germany, the UK and Angola! Thanks for checking us out guys and gals! Also a shout to the The Sprocket Podcast, who gave us a nice mention during their latest episode. If you aren’t already listening, you should check them out! Thanks for Richard in TX for telling them about us!

This week’s show art brought to you by Mr. Fred C who shared his lovely ride with us on Facebook. Share yours and it could be featured here! Just post on Facebook or tag us on Instagram or Twitter!

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4 Replies to “Ride Bikes Radio #04: Thank You Angola!”

  1. Troy French

    Loving the show. I have been a WRR listener for the past 4-5 years. I recently got stationed in South Korea without the option of bringing my R57S, so to get around I purchased a bike. It is a Dahon Formula S18, a folder so it can fit in my boot when I am reunited with my MINI. I forgot how much fun riding bikes can be. I look forward to both podcasts weekly. Keep up the grate work with both shows.

  2. johnnyk

    I was listening to The Sprocket Podcast when I found out about your show. I was a little hesitant since one of the hosts come from the car culture world but I figured I would do the right thing and at least listen to a couple of episodes. So far I must say it’s a pretty cool show. I am enjoying what I hear. Very practical information and fun to listen too.

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