Ride Bikes Radio #06: Christmas in July

We have a really fun show for you this week. We talk about cards in spokes, I let Brian talk about the Tour for 1 minute and we talk about the El Camino of Bikes; the Kona Ute. Also, check out this week’s show art. One of my friends in Phoenix is making this for my door! Besides that, we take a trip down memory lane in the shape of last week’s Facebook posts:

And from the Dept. of Ridiculous, there is the shotgun bike alarm. Clever idea to be sure, but there is no way we’d be strapping one of these to any of our bikes. Would you?

We have Aussies in the house! #2 country for downloads is Australia. Come on back and let us know who you are! Or, you know, show off your ride by pinging us on Instagram or Twitter. You can also upload that to our Facebook page!

And, of course, we end by talking about beer. Brian had an epic beer week. Click back over to Ride Bikes Radio to find links to follow both Brian and I on untappd!

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5 Replies to “Ride Bikes Radio #06: Christmas in July”

  1. Richard Wezensky

    Hahaha! Think of the spoke cards as ‘grill badges’ for your bike. They’re great for promoting your bike club, event or even your favorite bike podcast.

    No noise, unless you catch a great cross wind.

  2. Richard Wezensky

    BTW. The Kona UTE is a beast in weight—40 lbs. seems pretty close. It’s not hard to pedal, since it’s geared to haul heavy weight. It’s just really hard to go fast.

    I’ve tagged you on a few of my Instagram pics to show some of it’s utility, but I truly haven’t used it to it’s fullest potential.

  3. Richard Wezensky

    I’m not a sports bike guy, but I do follow the Tour (a habit I picked up from the days of that big lie guy). Drugs aside, I enjoy watching the mountain stages, as well as the wrecks and altercations with the fans. Other than that, it’s a little like watching golf or tennis.

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