Ride Bikes Radio #09: Don’t Tequilla and Ride

This week, Brian and I spend some time talking about clothing, specifically shorts. Brian gives us the scoop on bibs vs shorts vs mountain bike shorts. We also cover starting out cycling, setting goals and all that to help out those of you that might be new to bicycling.

For news, you guys that ride in the dirt need to watch out for this crazyness. Be careful when you crash with your iPhone and don’t be this guy when you lock up your bike! And we check out the latest feature of Strava called Beacon and we think it looks pretty awesome!

That plus beers from the week. This week’s show image is from listener Steve in Chicago and this rad paint job he did on his son’s bike. Want us to feature your ride? It’s easy, just tag us at Instagram or Twitter. You can also post it up on the Facebook page. Get to it!

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One Reply to “Ride Bikes Radio #09: Don’t Tequilla and Ride”

  1. Richard Wezensky

    Great show again, guys!

    Here are a couple of things.
    The old school sports bands are nice, but sometimes a bit bulky. The best product that I’ve found out there (for bicycling) is the “Shorty” from Headsweats (http://www.headsweats.com/categories/our-products/cycling-styles/shorty/) I liked it so much, I bought a few more. They fit under my helmet and there is absolutely NO dripping into the eyes, even on my 100+ degree rides. They keep my helmet from being drenched as well.

    Clipped vs. Flat:
    There is lots of mixed opinions about the benefit of the upstroke. Mostly because most riders don’t do it properly and never really benefit from it. One researcher “has done extensive pedalling kinesiology tests on 100 elite and professional cyclists over 10 years and his data shows that not one of them produces a meaningful upstroke. So what hope is there for the rest of us?” (https://roadcyclinguk.com/riding/bike-fitting-the-myth-of-the-upstroke.html)

    Another POV is “Yes, there is more power generated when pulling up on the upstroke…but the metabolic cost is quite high… if you’re looking to use as little oxygen to get down the road as possible, think twice before pulling up on the pedals.” (http://cycling-review.com/2011/09/pedal-stroke-myth-busting/)

    That being said, I also read somewhere that if you aren’t lifting on the upstroke, your downstroke is having to do more work to, essentially, lift your upstroke foot. Many professional riders, especially sprinters, are definitely using upstrokes to give them that extra edge.

    For me it’s about the advantages over the disadvantages for the type of riding that I do. When ever I’m in a group ride, or hitting some serious trails, being clipped in has some amazing advantages with control and more focused power in the down stroke. However, riding around the neighborhood, hitting lots of stop lights and stop signs – having to constantly take my foot off the pedal, I’ve opted to just use platform pedals instead.

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