Ride Bikes Radio #13: We Forgot the Bieber Hair

Finally back after the HQ relocation to record a new Ride Bikes Radio episode for you guys! You can tell we have been missing in action for a while since we do go a bit longer than normal and cover a bit more news than normal, but it’s all great stuff!

Thanks to Richard for this week’s image! Remember gang, we want to see your rides too and it’s easy to show those off. Just tag us on Instagram or Twitter or upload it to our Facebook page. If you have done that already, watch for us to get back on track next week! Oh, and the Bieber hair? Check out the Facebook page!

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Check out this episode!

4 Replies to “Ride Bikes Radio #13: We Forgot the Bieber Hair”

  1. Steve

    Hey Don.. re: pedal clips.. why not go old-school toe clips and straps before investing in cleat/pedal system? Much cheaper to start, and you dont need dedicated shoes. Also you can start with the straps looser till you get used to the foot in/out action, yet still get some benefit. I find the clips helps me spin a bit faster which is easier than running a taller gear.

      • Kevin

        Don: Here’s an anology that might resonate — riding with clipless pedals is like driving manual-shift transmission. Yes, you need to know what you’re doing, naturally. You may have some moments of embarrassment as you’re starting out, stalling the car, falling over at an intersection. But the pay-off is better power and control (I have to agree with Bicycling on those points). And I’m not sure there is much truth to the claim that clipless pedals are unreasonably expensive. It’s true that dedicated cycling shoes are a bit spendy. But you’re not riding in running shoes or street shoes, are you? Even with toe clips and straps you should be considering cycling shoes with stiff soles for efficient power transfer and wrap-around snug fit to keep the foot stationary inside the shoe. Once you’ve committed to proper footwear, might as well go for the pedals too. I would recommend looking at Mountain Bike shoes and pedals, since they are a little more flexible and much easier to walk in. There are plenty of MTB pedal options in the $40 range. You won’t get away quite so inexpensively on the shoes, but important to find dedicated cycling shoes that are comfortable for your 1-hour and longer rides. Don’t want to be overly categorical, but I don’t know anyone who does long rides in street shoes. Just like I don’t know any skilled drivers who don’t know how to use a manual shift transmission.

  2. Bud Blevens

    I too quit caffeine.
    Quitting caffeine is not easy but it sure was needed for me. Like DB I was around 3-4 cups a day for a long time. Then all of a sudden I started having heart palpitations. Doc ran tests and said heart is good. Had several possible causes and one was caffeine. I stopped and the problem went away. Darn!!! If he had said chocolate I’m not sure what I would have done. 🙂 I can hit about 1/2 cup a day now.

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