Ride Bikes Radio #14: The Listener Show

The Listener Show

You guys are pretty awesome! How awesome? Listen in to find out. Cool Strava stuff, rad shares and amazing feedback that you guys are sending in. It’s very awesome! Speaking of listener stuff, this week’s show image brought to you by Mark Lee with his old school El Camino (i.e. cargo bike). Like a mix between a radio flyer and a tricycle. So rad!

Plus an update on the Strava Club. Click over to the site and check out the widget with an update if you aren’t in the club, or click here.

Thanks for listening gang! A quick note that Brian is out of town again, so we will not be recording a show this week. He will be returning with some great stuff that I know you guys are going to love!


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Check out this episode!

4 Replies to “Ride Bikes Radio #14: The Listener Show”

  1. Richard Wezensky

    Hey guys,

    I agree, this was another great show. Thanks for posting my pic on the previous episode. That beach cruiser doesn’t get much love.

    I’ve been on Endomondo for the past few years, and their App is pretty good. They just don’t get the community that Strava is building. PLUS, I like the Strava heat maps (once you go premium).

    I’ll probably stick with Endomondo to complete this year’s stats, but I’ll be full time on Strava by Jan 1. Unfortunately, the export option out of Endomondo isn’t very robust, so I can’t easily shove my data over. So, just to ramp up on Strava, and be part of the RBR club, I’ll be dual tracking.

    For those of you who don’t want to pay for Strava premium for Beacon, the Free RoadID App has something similar with eCrumb Tracking and Stationary Alert. The eCrumb route can be emailed OR texted to your loved ones.

    The Stationary Alert is good, if you are stopped for more that 5 minutes (presumably on the side of the road, unconscious), it will alert your people and give them your location. Pretty good for those long country roads, or early/late rides. The only drawback is that there isn’t a pause button, for when I pull over for coffee or breakfast.

    • Don

      I had no idea RoadID had an app. I will have to check that out!

      I had a bunch of stuff in Run Keeper that is mostly in Apple Health. I haven’t bothered to look into exporting, I just go back and forth for now. Going to go premium on Strava I think next month. Still use run keeper occassionally since I really like the social integration and photo shares, but Strava is better for tracking ride.


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