The Cranksgiving edition of Ride Bikes Radio. It’s Thanksgiving here in the states and Brian broke his crank with his massive Hulk-like thighs, so happy Cranksgiving! Some shout-outs, some bike talk, some beer talk and some links for you this week.

Thanks to everyone that has joined us in the Strava Club! We are only 10 away from our goal to have 100 riders there by the end of the year!

Have a great holiday everyone that is in the states! If you aren’t, enjoy the week!


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  1. I agree, everybody should have a single speed bike in their lineup. I had 2 but got rid of one – the single speed (flip flop hub) urban city State bike. It was a nice, light steel bike, but I rarely rode it. The gearing was fast, which is great for the flat north Texas streets.

    I kept my single speed mountain bike conversion, for a couple of reasons. First, it’s rock solid steel built for off-road and made to take any abuse I toss at it. Next, although updated for a bit more speed, they’re geared for climbs and off-road, gravel etc. I see it as my ‘adult-sized BMX’ bike.

    Here’s a page on some of my earlier mods:

    Right now, I’ve tossed a Portland Design Works, take out basket to the front for hauling stuff, but I’ll probably move that to my cargo bike.

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